Your straight smile for life

Your orthodontic treatment plan goes beyond the time spent at our office. Once your smile is set, we provide high-quality retainers to be worn periodically (or permanently) to keep your smile straight and gorgeous for the rest of your life.

Why do I need a retainer?

Once your teeth are straight, a retainer is important for keeping them in their desired positions. Especially in the weeks/months following braces or Invisalign® treatment, a retainer is important for keeping your teeth from sliding back to their original positions. Using your retainer as prescribed will ensure your teeth “settle” into their ideal positions for the long term. Your lasting, straight smile is our top priority.


What types of retainers are there?

There are two main types of retainers: removable and permanent. Your orthodontist will decide which option is most appropriate for your unique case. Both work effectively to hold teeth in place and keep your smile straight.

Removable retainers

Removable retainers are made from metal and acrylic or plastic and are worn at night or for certain amounts of time during the day. Your orthodontist will instruct you on how to use yours specifically, as each individual is different. You may need to wear your retainer more in the first few months after treatment, and then less as time goes on. A removable retainer is designed to fit your exact bite and will support your new smile perfectly.

Permanent retainers

Permanent retainers are strong, thin wires that are attached permanently to the backside of your front teeth. They are not visible when you smile or talk, and are small enough that you will quickly forget they are there. These are worn for the rest of your life to hold your teeth in the proper position. Your orthodontist may install wire on both the top and bottom rows of teeth, or just one of them. The benefit of permanent retainers is that you don’t have to remember to put them on, and they are much less bulky than removable retainers.

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