Discreet orthodontic treatment for adults

Healthy teeth can be straightened at any age. We offer comprehensive orthodontic care and personalized treatment plans for adults.

Am I too old for Invisalign® or braces?

Orthodontic care is not just for children and teenagers. Technology is always advancing and improving, and adult orthodontics is more comfortable and effective than ever before. We treat a wide variety of adult patients using Invisalign® Clear Aligners as well as traditional metal and clear braces.

Adult treatment

What is different about getting Invisalign® clear aligners or braces as an adult?

Because your jaw is fully developed as an adult, we don’t do anything to shift your actual jaw bone. Most of our work is focused on simply straightening your teeth and improving your smile. Depending on your unique teeth and bite, this might take a little longer than it would when you were younger.

We have had tremendous success with our adult clientele. If you’re worried about having “braces” as an adult, there are discreet options such as invisible aligners that will help you smile confidently throughout your treatment.

Adult treatment

Types of orthodontic appliances

We offer several traditional and modern treatments to our adult clients. When you come in for a free consultation, we will be able to do a full evaluation and give recommendations based on your unique needs.

Invisalign® clear aligners

Busy adult professionals, parents, single adults, and those concerned about the social implications of braces love the ease and aesthetic of Invisalign® Clear Aligners. Because they are virtually invisible, you can wear your aligners without anyone even knowing you’re undergoing treatment. Learn more about why Invisalign® treatment is so popular.

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Adult treatment

Metal braces

Metal brackets are semi-permanent fixtures the orthodontist affixes to your teeth until the completion of treatment. Your orthodontist will use these brackets, with the help of a metal archwire to gently move your teeth over time. Modern metal braces are smaller and more efficient than older versions and are a reliable way to adjust your smile.

Clear braces

Clear brackets operate in the same way as metal brackets but are made from clear ceramic material, meaning they will not be as visible against your teeth. Many of our patients like our clear bracket option because they offer a more discreet orthodontic experience than typical metal brackets.

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Adult treatment

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If you’re wondering if braces are right for you, come visit our office for a 100% free comprehensive consultation. Our orthodontist will be able to explain the treatment options as well as offer personal recommendations for your case. It’s no obligation, no pressure. Just a fun time exploring the future of your smile.

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