What is AcceleDent®?

Our patients are excited to hear that there is a clinically proven way to speed up their orthodontic treatment. The AcceleDent® system uses rapid SoftPulse technology to gently stimulate the teeth and jawbone in order to encourage movement and quick adjusting.

How does AcceleDent® work?

AcceleDent® is a Class II FDA cleared device that is lightweight, user-friendly, and comfortable. Dr. Haney recommends using your device for 20 minutes each day throughout your treatment plan to help promote faster tooth movement. When you turn on your device, it gently vibrates (it feels less intense than an electric toothbrush). The whole experience is comfortable and easy.


Look, mom, no hands!

Once you insert your AcceleDent® device, it operates hands-free. This means you can spend 20 minutes reading, doing homework, or remaining otherwise occupied. AcceleDent® can be used by children, teenagers, and adults as an orthodontic treatment paired with Invisalign® Clear Aligners or braces.


Other benefits of AcceleDent® technology

The SoftPulse technology of AcceleDent® not only supports faster orthodontic treatment but may also decrease oral discomfort. Mild soreness is common after orthodontic adjustments, and AcceleDent® may help to decrease this non-invasively. Ask your orthodontist about AcceleDent® treatment at your next appointment.

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