Feb 1, 2018

Teacher Appreciation Contest

Teacher Appreciation Contest

Giving Some Love To Great Educators

There’s no greater gift to someone than passing on knowledge to them and helping them grow, which is something that teachers have dedicated their lives to. From the very first day of school, our teachers do their best to make learning fun and exciting, while challenging us with assignments and projects that make us work hard and help us get smarter. It’s tough work being a teacher, which is why all of us here at Haney Orthodontics want to show those great teachers out there some much deserved love and appreciation with our teacher appreciation contest!

How To Enter

If you have a teacher that you love, write us a letter using 500 words or less explaining how great your teacher is and why you appreciate them. Make sure that you include your own name, the name of your school, your teacher’s name, your grade, and what you favorite pizza toppings are. Why the pizza toppings? Well you’ll just have to wait and see what the prizes are.

To officially enter the contest, letters need to be mailed, emailed or written in the office during your appointment. You can submit your letter anytime up until the deadline on Friday, February 16th. Make sure you get your letter in and show your teachers how much you appreciate them before it’s too late!

 Prizes Galore!

At Haney Orthodontics, we love contests and we love prizes, and we know our patients do too. As a special treat for this contest, not only are we giving winning students a prize, but the teachers that they appreciate too!

For Students: Getting chose as a winner means you get a pizza party for your entire class from everyone’s favorite Marin County Orthodontist, Dr. Haney!

For Teachers: This one we’re keeping a surprise, but it’s a special gift that will let them know how much they mean to their students and the community.

Let’s Show Our Teachers How Much The Mean To Us!

Get to writing those letters for your favorite teachers at home, or write your at your next visit to our office! We look forward to hearing all of the amazing stories and qualities of the teachers that make such a positive difference in our lives. If you have any questions about the contest, just contact us and one of our team member will be happy to help!