Jul 15, 2015

How Invisalign Teen Differs From Regular Invisalign

How Invisalign Teen Differs From Regular Invisalign

Invisalign® is a tooth straightening treatment that uses clear plastic aligners instead of metal braces to coax the teeth into place. It’s a popular treatment option for adults who want to be as discreet as possible while perfecting their smiles. But did you know there’s an invisible aligner option that’s designed to meet the teeth-straightening needs of teens? Invisalign Teen works a lot like regular Invisalign, but is designed to help teens avoid the temptation to remove their aligners unnecessarily.

Greater Accountability

Teenagers often have busy lives and may have trouble remembering to wear their plastic aligners as directed by their San Rafael orthodontist. Fortunately, Invisalign Teen has a blue indicator that helps wearers keep track of how long the aligners are worn each day. This convenient feature makes it easier for teens to make sure they don’t unintentionally keep their aligners out longer than recommended. For best results, Invisalign aligners should only be removed for the following purposes:

  • Eating
  • Cleaning the teeth and aligners
  • Occasional special events

Other than these special circumstances, the aligners should be worn constantly. This will yield the fastest and most reliable treatment results.

Benefits of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen

Although Invisalign Teen differs slightly from Invisalign by offering built-in accountability, the differences end there. Both treatments offer the following mutual benefits to wearers:

  • Maximum convenience and comfort
  • Improved oral health
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Improved dietary freedom

When compared with some orthodontic treatment options, Invisalign is far superior in terms of comfort and convenience. The aligners are custom-designed to fit your teeth perfectly and are made from smooth plastic that doesn’t jut outward like standard metal braces.

Invisalign can also improve your oral health by straightening the teeth and making it easier to thoroughly clean all surfaces of the teeth. When your teeth are crooked, it’s easier for bacteria to get caught in the cracks and cause decay.

One of the most noticeable results Invisalign and Invisalign Teen offers is improved self-confidence. When you feel good about your smile, you’re more likely to feel good about yourself in general.

Finally, Invisalign treatments can improve dietary freedom by correcting misalignments. If you currently struggle to eat certain foods because your teeth are crooked, you’ll be happy to learn that dental function greatly improves as your teeth are straightened.

Contact Your San Rafael Orthodontist for Invisalign Teen

Whether you’re a teenager who wants to improve your appearance or an adult who longs for greater dental function, Invisalign is the most discreet orthodontic option available. Talk to your San Rafael orthodontist to find out if you’re a good candidate for treatment.