Jun 25, 2019

Getting Started With A Pediatric Orthodontist

Getting Started With A Pediatric Orthodontist

The Importance of Early Orthodontic Care

Whether your child has crooked or straight teeth, pediatric orthodontic care can aid in your child’s overall oral health. Taking your child to see a pediatric orthodontist around age seven is one of the best ways to ensure proper orthodontic care is taken at the right time.

What You Can Do to Get Started

If you have a child who may need to see an orthodontist, there are a few steps you can consider to get started. This includes the following.

  1. Speak with your pediatric dentist about a referral. Because the dentist is familiar with your child’s oral health, he or she can recommend when it’s right for your child to see an orthodontist, and can also refer you to someone they trust.
  2. Schedule a consultation with the orthodontist. During your child’s consultation, the orthodontist will be assessed for orthodontic problems, whether they are current or developing. Your child may get photos and x-rays taken, as well as digital scans.
  3. Decide on a treatment plan with your pediatric orthodontics team. This will include learning about the course of treatment from the orthodontist, as well as setting up a schedule for treatment with the office staff. You may also want to speak with someone about insurance coverage and a payment plan.

Why So Early?

Sure, your child’s teeth may not be fully grown in yet, and they could possibly still have some baby teeth at age seven, but good looks aren’t the only reasons to see a San Rafael pediatric orthodontist. Some other preventative measures that are most effective earlier in life include:

  • Correcting Overcrowding – Overcrowded teeth can cause tooth decay, often leading to tooth loss when the problem grows worse. An orthodontist may recommend tooth extraction in addition to pediatric orthodontics.
  • Correcting an Incorrect Bite – Whether it’s an overbite or an underbite, these issues can become a problem in regards to the way your child speaks and chews, often causing pain. Orthodontic care can realign the bite.
  • Unseen Issues – Even when a child has “perfect” teeth, there may be something lurking under the surface that a parent may not understand. An early assessment can give you that information.

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