The Haney Orthodontics mission

We are dedicated to creating beautiful smiles and excellent bites for each of our patients in an enjoyable and positive atmosphere.

How we accomplish our mission

  • Friendly, caring staff. Our team is the core of our business. We handpick our staff for their passion and commitment to excellence. When you come to Haney Orthodontics, you can expect to be treated with respect, compassion, and professionalism.
  • State-of-the-art equipment. We utilize the latest digital imaging technology, orthodontic appliances, comfortable seating and materials, high-quality tools, and more. We are constantly exploring the most recent orthodontic inventions and updating the equipment in our office to best serve you.
  • Teamwork. From the front desk team, to our Treatment Coordinator, to our financial office, to our orthodontist and his assistants, we focus on excellence in teamwork and communication. We want your experience from beginning to end to be smooth and well-coordinated.

Our mission

You always matter

We are always open to hearing your questions, concerns, feedback, and more. At Haney Orthodontics, your voice always matters. We want you to feel comfortable talking with our team, and feel like you are important to us. We wouldn’t be here without you.

What sets us apart

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Our mission