Wearing your retainers as instructed will protect your beautiful, new smile. Here are four tips to effective retainer use:

WEAR IT: For 2 months, your retainer must be worn ALL THE TIME except when you eat and when you brush your teeth. You might be challenged to speak clearly in the beginning. This won't last long. Within a few days, you will be able to speak normally and no one may even notice the retainer you are wearing. After the 2nd month, your retainer should be worn during sleep every night for at least two years and until 21 years of age. Your retainer must be worn at least three nights per week FOREVER!

KEEP IT CLEAN: Brush your retainer with cool water and toothpaste every day. Soak it in a dental cleanser or mouthwash periodically to keep it fresh. NEVER place your retainer in hot water, as it may become distorted and require replacement.

DON'T LOSE OR BREAK IT: The easiest way to avoid losing the retainer is simply by keeping it in your mouth. It should always be worn as instructed or placed safely in the case provided. When these rules are not followed, the retainer can be lost, sat on, or thrown away. There will be additional charges to replace lost or broken retainers. Please call immediately if you need a replacement so your teeth aren't given a chance to move.

DON'T ADJUST IT YOURSELF: If, for any reason, the retainers don't fit properly, call us right away for an appointment. We can adjust it for you! Retainers are delicate appliances; do not try to adjust them yourself.